Baby Version Rock

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Baby Version Rock

BABY VERSION ROCK is  designed by Murielle Maitre Cohen. It's a collection made of love, initially not supposed to be repeated and sold, but the best kids stores saw it and it went into production. She does follow her very personnal inspiration and style, creating in small sizes what she would wear, imagining she could be a kid again. Her proper life style and philosophy is reflected on the collection.



For about 15 years Murielle worked as a designer and coordinator for different french, american and italian brands. She was born and raised in Noumea, New-Caledonia, studied in Paris and Milan. Today she spends her time between Paris, Barcelona, where her company is established, and Bali to develop all samples in a peacefull univers.



It is a miniature collection rock, bohemian and glamour for boys & girls from 3 months to 16 years. It is not mass-produced and each piece has its own touch. The collection is based on the concept of a “mini-me” wardrobe. The styles are simple, seasonless and we keep it rock! Our “art director/muse"  Sacha, who has now turned eight, gives his opinion on every piece and print of the whole collection. He is the little boy who made the dream BABY VERSION ROCK come true, 8 years ago.


The fine yarns  for the winter comes from the best Italian supliers  and collections are produced in Spain, Portugal, Bali & France, depending on the product. Extra soft cottons comes from India and Turkia with a special treatment that makes it light as a feather. We select our supliers for their authentic " savoir-faire" and following our heart always!



 Enjoy our collections as much as we do enjoy creating it for you! What we design brings us a lot of joy and we are happy to share it with you.




 Photo: Veronika Loubry.